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Nice Clean Floors

When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, a canister vacuum cleaner tends to be more efficient since it can remove the dirt hiding in the crevices of your floor. Instead of having to sweep the floors, I’ve decided it’s time I bought a good vacuum cleaner. Here, I’ll share with you some of the options I’ve considered.

The Miele Complete C2

The Miele Complete C2

This is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that is designed to effectively clean hardwood floors as well as other types of surfaces. It’s also quite effective when you are working on carpets and rugs to ensure you have a clean surface.

The Miele Complete C2 has an inbuilt canister and it’s designed to make a quick transition from one surface type to another. It packs enough power to clean stubborn stains without spending lots of time on a cleaning task. Although this machine comes with a higher price tag, it offers great quality and the design is built to last for a long time.

Besides the quiet operation, most customers were very pleased with the adjustable suction that works well with multiple attachments when cleaning delicate surfaces. Because it comes with wheels that make 360-degree rotations, this unit is easy to maneuver even when you are using it in tight spaces. In addition, the wheels are rubber coated to ensure that your floors won’t be scratched when moving around. The inbuilt AirClean filter system is quite effective to ensure people with allergies to allergens are catered for.

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  • It comes with multiple attachments for different cleaning tasks
  • The wheels are rubber coated to avoid scratches on your surfaces


  • It comes with a higher price tag than its competitors
  • It’s not suitable for cleaning high-pile carpets


The Navigator Shark

The Navigator Shark

The Navigator Shark is a high-quality vacuum cleaner that is designed to clean hardwood floors but it also comes with an additional brush for cleaning carpets. Basically, this unit has two vacuum cleaners where you can use it in an upright position to clean your carpets with a beater brush and better maneuverability. The other option is to detach the canister to enable usage of the wand to clean tiles and hardwoods. With this capability, the Navigator Shark can be used as a handheld vacuum and as a normal canister vacuum.

It comes with a DustAway cleaning attachment which is perfect for cleaning the hardwood floors without damaging the cute finish on the floors. The suction head is coupled to an effective microfiber which collects the smaller dust particles after the suction has cleaned the larger particles. The swivel joint makes this cleaner easy to maneuver in areas that are hard to reach like under the furniture and in tight corners. But when you are using the LiftAway mode, it becomes even easier to clean almost any point in the house.

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This vacuum cleaner comes with a 30-foot power cable and if you take the model with the brush roll, you’ll have an easy time cleaning your carpets. It also comes with huge dust chamber that is very useful when you have pets at home and there’s plenty of fur lying around. Unlike most vacuums, this model has a sealed suction system that is great for controlling allergens as well as ensuring that this unit will maintain its power for a long time.


  • It comes with the DustAway attachment
  • The power cable is long enough for maximum reach


  • Customers have reported the hose breaks after some time


Bissell Hard Floor Expert

Bissell Hard Floor Expert

From Bissell, this is one of the most suitable floor cleaners to take care of your hardwood floors. This vacuum cleaner is not only compact but it also lightweight and you get multiple attachments to handle any cleaning activity in your home. The hose is built from a quality material and it feels quite sturdy when in use.

Whether you want to clean the low pile carpets or hardwood floors, this unit offers excellent efficiency. However, if your surfaces are covered with carpets, this unit may not perform as other vacuum cleaners would. The motor is powerful and it delivers outstanding suction power while the articulating ward is designed to lie flat on the floor which is great for ensuring sparkling clean surfaces.

This cleaner boasts a quiet operation and you can clean your kids’ bedroom without waking them up. It’s easy to empty the dirt tank and the retractable cord comes off at the push of a button.

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  • Its lightweight and it comes with several attachments for more cleaning options
  • The ward lies flat on the floor for further reach
  • It’s quiet when in operation
  • It’s optimized for hardwood floor cleaning


  • It’s not suited for carpet floor cleaning
  • When not in use, it takes up more space

A Chair of Comfort

When your life is full of multiple activities, you need to create time to relax. One of the best ways to do this is by getting a good massage session. However, when you don’t have the time to visit the spa, it’s wise to get a massage chair.


Having battled back pain for a while, getting a good massage chair has been on my list. In this article, I’ll share with you the options I’ve considered when shopping around.


Shiatsu BestMassage 06C
Shiatsu BestMassage 06C

If you are in search for a great massage chair that comes with a reasonable price tag, then you might want to consider the BestMassage 06C. This is modern equipment that has great features that are present in models considered to be high-end. The build is strong and it has sleek looks.

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Because it uses kneading, compression, percussion, and tapping, you get a great massage experience that is designed to imitate the Shiatsu massage techniques. The good thing about this unit is that it massages your whole body and it even comes with a heated footrest for an enhanced experience.  


The Shiatsu BestMassage 06C comes with a total of 30 airbags and most of them are dedicated to the lower body. The vibration motor is optimized for relieving stress on the neck, buttocks, calves, and thighs. It also has multiple pre programmed massage settings that you can quickly select depending on what you want to achieve. At the touch of a button, you can choose to stimulate stressed nerves, relieve fatigue, rejuvenate the body as well as improve your flexibility.  


While most users are in love with this machine, some people were quick to note that the customer support was not outstanding. However, the massage that you get from this chair is excellent and most users agree that it offers good value for money.


It comes with 30 airbags
The price is customer friendly
It uses Shiatsu massage techniques
It has several preprogrammed massage programs


The customer support is not great

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Relaxzen 60-078011
Relaxzen 60-078011

This reclining massage chair is designed and built by Comfort Products. Besides having swivel and reclining abilities, this chair comes with a stylish ottoman. Considering the price of this chair the features and functionalities give you good value for your money.  


The build is high quality and it has a wooden base that has been married to suede leather upholstery. To improve the versatility of this chair, the manufacturer has included nine massage programs to cater for all your needs. In addition, you can opt to use the five high-intensity settings if you want to have a more satisfying session. But if you are interested in a specific body part, you can quickly change the settings to focus on a single body part. It has eight powerful motors that are optimized to massage both the lower and upper body parts with a keen focus on the back, calves, and thighs.  For a more versatile massage, the ottoman is also motorized to take care of your legs.


If you want to fully relax, you can turn on the heat and enjoy the rejuvenating intense massage. Since it’s designed to focus on the lumbar area, the heated massage leaves you relaxed and longing for more. The chair can recline to comfortable angles and it even comes with tension settings for the recline feature.


It comes with pre-programmed massage settings
It comes with a motorized and heated ottoman
The price is pocket-friendly


It can’t compete with pricier models


Inada Sogno Dreamwave
Inada Sogno Dreamwave

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave is among the most respected massage chairs on the market thanks to the innovative and advanced technology. The massage movements are designed to emulate the exact techniques used in a Shiatsu massage from experienced therapists. The inbuilt exclusive technology is optimized to give you figure eight motion massage that is great for the restoration of balance in the body.  


Depending on your needs, you can choose between the eight massage programs that are pre-programmed. Unlike most massage chairs, this recliner covers an outstanding 1200 inches of your body. This is the highest coverage you can find on any massage chairs today. Despite your age, this machine has dedicated session for both the old and young massage enthusiasts.


Every session begins with a full body scan and the recliner will give you a massage depending on the pressure points detected. Irrespective of your body type, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is capable of customizing an intense and satisfying massage.


It comes in different colors with black, red and brown shades being readily available. However, this is one of the most expensive massage chairs on the market but the value you get is also great.

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It has the most advanced technology
It has a full body scan capability
It has several massage settings


The price is high


Stop Stressing, Start Relaxing

When you are faced with strict deadlines, it’s easy to get stressed up. With my art life, deadlines are the order of the day and this gets worried many times. However, I’ve come across some few tips to help anyone who has been facing increased stress levels have a better life.


Prepare for tomorrow

coffee and notepad

Being unprepared can make you quite stressed. The best alternative is getting organized so that the next day doesn’t get you by surprise. Start by creating a to-do list before freshening up with a relaxing massage in preparation for the day before you. When you are certain that you have accomplished everything on your to-do list, you will be at peace knowing that you can rest in the evenings.


On waking up in the morning, you will feel that you have a good grasp of the situation in hand and this helps you get positive feelings. Apart from being more productive, you can handle more complex situations when positivity reign the day.


Get some healthy snacks


According to a recent study conducted by the American Psychological Association, women tend to resort to comfort foods to relieve stress more often than men. At the same time, women are known to forego favorite cravings in the name of weight loss. However, when stress kicks in the cravings get worse and it’s not easy to stay in control.


It’s now a confirmed fact that most dieters will have a higher likelihood to overeat, unlike their counterparts who are less diet conscious. During stressful events, these people will readily eat the food they once avoided like a plague. The trick here is to be lenient and avoid depriving yourself.  Try to have some snacks around that you can eat when the need arises.  


Turn on the music


Listening to meditative or slow music tunes can help lower your stress levels. So the next time you are stressed, turn on the music and start listening to cool jams that will soothe you and wash away the stress. Even when you are in a traffic jam, tuning to a station with great music can improve your moods.  


Limit the times you withdraw your money


When you start visiting the ATM only a two or three times in a week, you can easily keep track of most spending habits. You can start by putting yourself on a limited allowance that you can use to make your purchases rather than using the credit cards to make payments.


Since financial problems are associated with higher stress levels, regaining the control of your finances can help you have a stress-free life. Every time you have some free hours on the weekends, try taking note of your current financial situation. This will help you to plan and make the necessary adjustments to your spending habits.  


Stop worrying about issues that are out of your control

girl and boy

Basically, women have more worries than men and this leads to increased stress levels. On the other hand, men will worry about something that’s specific like missing the promotion. But when women worry about their jobs, it’s more abstract and even issues like weight and distant family members can give them sleepless nights.


To ensure you lead a stress-free life, make sure that your worries are real rather than imagined. In addition, always try to get over issues that you have minimum control on and your life will be much better.


Stick to workout schedules


Working out is one of the best ways to lower stress levels. Just spending about 30 minutes working out in the gym is enough to lower anxiety levels by 25%. As long as you have the time, always make sure that you are having regular workouts. But when it’s not possible to hit the gym, taking a short walk can work wonders on stress levels.