Yoga not only provides some instant gratification but it will also facilitate a lasting transformation. When you are into fitness, spending a lot of time while getting minimal results can discourage you. If practiced in the right way, yoga is great for quick mental and physical transformation.

Yoga can be practiced by everyone

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Today, gyms and yoga studios have classes for all generations and cater for all fitness levels. Most people find it interesting to work out in a room with teens, moms, athletes, bodybuilders and older gentlemen. Unlike most sports where there are age limits, yoga makes everyone feel wanted and it welcomes you with open hands.

Yoga is great for overall health and fitness

While most sports are built around workouts, yoga is basically a way of life. The daily practice of yoga is essential in finding peace and balance in a chaotic world. In addition, most people are attracted to the tranquility that results from the practice of yoga.

The meditation and breathing exercises help you shift from the worries of this life and it draws you closer to something that’s beautiful and bigger than your current troubles. Besides, yoga will help you gain focus by lowering stress levels and decluttering the mind.

Power yoga builds muscle

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Power yoga has been adapted from the basic yoga but it requires more focus, energy, and strength. While this variant of yoga has greatly evolved from the basic version, its training is far more advanced. Unlike the basic yoga, power yoga is great for muscle building mainly because a huge percentage of the poses are maintained for about five breaths as opposed to the two or three breaths that are common with basic versions.

Here, the muscles are exercised and both the mind and body have to work in unison without giving up prematurely. The breathing patterns, as well as poses and movements, are coordinated which results in improved flexibility and outstanding discipline to the mind. Here are some additional benefits of power yoga.

  • It increases strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Physical stamina and mental strength gets better with time
  • Shoulder strength and arm strength is improved as you engage in resistance training
  • Hip flexors are strengthened
  • The core muscles are built and strengthened


Yoga improves strength and flexibility

When you start practicing yoga, you benefit from increased strength and flexibility. Most postures are excellent in helping you build more strength starting with your mind. as such, you will not only feel great but you will also get great looks. Most of the postures are meant to make your body stronger and this starts from the spine and the muscles that surround this area. Basically, the spine is the center and when it gets strong, you become better and it can also help reduce shoulder and back pain.

When you couple the perfect yoga postures with a healthy diet, your digestion gets better and the acid reflux will reduce. In addition, when postures are practiced in the right way your muscles will stretch which will give you a leaner and longer look.