Tips to Healing Sunburns

Sunburn is painful and uncomfortable but it is not uncommon. There are some easy ways on how to heal sunburns and ease the pain.
Cool Down
A cold compress can be used on the sunburn to help cool it down. The compress should not be p directly to the sunburn. It should be placed in a paper towel or a piece of cloth and then used on the skin.
Sunburn dries the body out. While the skin is still damp for example after a shower apply moisturizing lotion to the skin. This lotion should not be oil or petroleum based. It will keep the body the moisture it needs.
Reduce Inflammation
When the signs of sunburn first appear take an NSAID such as aspirin or ibuprofen to help reduce inflammation. It will help a person feel better while they are healing.
These are some ways that a person can treat sunburn. While the body is healing these tips can help control the pain and discomfort.